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Tucson DREAMers Photo Show

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Views from Nogales


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Expectations Confront the Realities

I have been following the immigration debate in D.C. meticulously for some time now, and my significant interest was what drove me to this project in the first place. However, experiencing the immigration issue up close and personal in Tucson … Continue reading

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Isolation of the Youth Could Cause Greater Long-Term Issues

The latest move in immigration in D.C. is called the Kid Act–a proposed solution by House Republican leaders that would create a path to citizenship for undocumented youth brought across the border by their parents. Last week during a press … Continue reading

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The Border from the Enforcement Perspective

In the interviews I have done with undocumented persons, Border Patrol agents—as well as other law enforcement officers—are the biggest evasion priority. In meeting with Border Patrol agent Brent Cagen, he summed up Border Patrol’s purpose as “combating transnational criminal … Continue reading

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Perceptions on the Possible Reform Plan

With each interview I do, I ask, even if only out of personal curiosity, what my interviewee’s perception of the possible reform, as outlined now, is.  The response to such has been interesting, as I expected the focus to be … Continue reading

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A Question on the Many Layers of the Immigration Community

This project focuses in on a very specific community of young, hard-working persons who contribute to their community and the country as a whole. This next-generation of undocumented immigrants from south of the border unite under the hope that it … Continue reading

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