Tucson Part I

“The Shadowed Tucson Finds its Voice” is a series of articles in six parts on the undocumented community in Tucson, Ariz. Each of the six pieces will delve into a different aspect of the immigration debacle in the Tucson region and in the border town of Nogales. Told from the perspective of the undocumented youth, the law enforcement officials working to regulate border crossings, and the organizations in Tucson fighting for immigrant rights, the series gives an encompassing view of the Latino immigration situation that goes unseen by the rest of America.

Part 1: A DREAMer’s Dilemma

Part 2: Left Behind by Legislation

Part 3: Surviving the Cross into America

Part 4: Counting Security’s Gains and “Got Aways”

Part 5: Calling Attention to Deportations versus DACA