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SMU Student Senate voted in favor of adding an LGBT seat to Senate chamber after 10 years of denial. March 2014

Reverend Gives Sermon, Holds Dallas Accountable; a look back at the sermon delivered two days following JFK’s assassination, and the divided community that was created from it. November 2013

SMU’s Student Body President at the time of the JFK assassination reflects back on his experience handling adversity, while current Student Body President parallels his own approach to a divided student body 50 years later. November 2013

Experts converse on SMU Campus regarding NSA oversight and accountability. November 2013

2013 Presidential Inauguration: A look at Obama’s approach to his second term, as highlighted in his inaugural address. January 2013

2012 Presidential Election Night: recap of the election results the night they were announced, with university experts weighing in on Obama’s incumbent success and next steps in Office. November 2012

SMU: One of Nation’s Leaders with Sober Tailgating. September 2013

National study on university sexual health education reveals flaws in SMU’s resources. December 2013

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